Our 2020 Training Programs

Would you like to know how thousands of people have already achieved freedom through smart financial management?

Oliver James' training programs are structured in such a way that it doesn't matter if you already have knowledge or experience on a particular subject. We'll make sure that you'll be able to make money work for you immediately after the training.

The Crisis Blueprint

The current pandemic has affected us all by changing our routines, impacting our budgets, and causing us to reassess our everyday lives.

While some people are fortunate enough to have the ability to work from home to bring in a paycheck, others are struggling and searching for ways to bring in extra cash during these difficult times.

Working from home presents unique challenges of its own, but where there's a will, there's a way. Sign up for this webinar to find unique ways to create a possible way to safeguard and multiply your savings outside the scope of our current uncertain financial world.

Financial Freedom Masterclass

Do you know you’re worth more than you’re charging? Do you ever feel burnt out from working too much and not earning what you deserve? Do you want to start your own business? Do you want to become financially free?

In the Financial Freedom Masterclass, Learn how to develop unapologetic confidence to charge more, work less, and create the career you deserve.

This features over 120 hours of online video content, live seminars and private one-on-one coaching all packaged in a 12 week schedule!