10 Money-Making Ideas during the COVID-19 Pandemic


10 Money-Making Ideas during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Life has been exceptionally difficult ever since the coronavirus pandemic struck. There is no point in being in denial. Most of us had to adjust to new circumstances, practice social distancing, and quarantine as precautions to save ourselves from COVID-19. The virus has caused emotional and social disruption and has severely impacted the state of the economy in general.

The economic and social situation has got many of us thinking about alternative ways of making money, and trying to make the most of an unprecedented testing situation. Luckily, there are still many opportunities for people looking to make some extra money, and hopefully, you will find something useful in the list below.

1.) Start Working Part-Time

The corona-pandemic has severely affected non-essential businesses. In retrospect, essential businesses such as pharmacies and grocery stores find themselves understaffed to cope with the challenge of serving customers during such times.

Many pharmacies and other essential businesses are hiring for jobs on location and urgently need workers. So, you should try and get yourself employed in order to ease at least some of the financial troubles that you might be facing.

You can try looking for part-time jobs at FedEx, 7-Eleven, Costco, Amazon, and whole foods, etc. These companies and many others are facing worker shortage and looking for individuals to work part-time.

2.) Delivery: Food, Groceries and Other Items

Considering the coronavirus's infectivity and spread, most people are staying indoors as much as they can. However, this does not mean that their needs fade away too. These people want groceries, food, and other items, but are not willing to leave their bio-secure bubbles. Therefore, orders for delivery services have gone up, and these companies find themselves short of drivers who can deliver these items to people's doorsteps.

To top that, delivery services like UberEats, DoorDash and PostMates, etc. are practicing no-contact rules to inhibit the spread of the virus. So, a Job as a delivery driver can help you pay off your bills while remaining safe from the pandemic.

3.) Teach Online

Since quarantining is the order of the day, people are looking towards different forms of learning too. If you have a good formal education and training in the field, you will have a good chance of making excellent money tutoring students.

You can try tutoring as a side hustle or even scale up to full-time depending on your circumstances. The best part about teaching online is that you can teach almost anything ranging from math, physics, and economics to fitness, DIYs, and cooking.

4.) Make Money with Surveys, Reviews, and Quizzes

Your opinions matter, and most importantly, they can help you make money. In a data-driven society like ours, gathering public-opinion data is becoming crucial for business success. Companies want to know what you think of their brand, products, and services and are willing to pay you for online surveys, reviews, and quizzes. For every review, survey, or quiz that you submit, you earn a few dollars.

5.) Become a Freelancer

Outsourcing is on the rise, and time has never been riper to be a freelancer. If you have some skills and have a can-do attitude, then freelancing is for you. Data entry, writing, editing, and other administrative work is all up for the grabs at the moment, so make the most now and start freelancing.

You should start work on freelancing platforms like Upwork, Fiverr, and Freelancer. These platforms are great websites for finding jobs and get your freelancing career kicking.

6.) Look for Money You Might have Lying Around

Now, this might come as strange and peculiar to some people. But the fact of the matter is, it does not hurt checking your pockets twice. Look for HSAs, stocks and other bank accounts you might have; there is a chance there is some money there for you to take home.

You should also check the internet for any properties that you might own unknowingly. Unclaimed.org is an excellent place to start your search. This website can help you track property that might be yours and help you get some easy money.

7.) Childcare Services and Babysitting

With the closure of childcare centers for an indefinite period, there is a definite need for babysitters and childcare essential workers at home even though the parents are staying indoors.

People need help with children mainly because they are also working from home. This scenario is generating a lot of opportunities for childcare services.

Following quarantine protocols is crucial for this job, so make sure you are sanitizing, social distancing, and washing your hands. If you are good at taking care of kids, you can easily make some serious cash.

8.) Apply for Unemployment Insurance

Have you been laid off during the corona pandemic? If yes, then you probably qualify for the unemployment insurance offered by the United States government.

Unemployment Insurance is a quick and speedy way of easing some of the financial stress you might be under. These unemployment checks will help you supplement your income for the short term till you get back up on your feet.

Requirements slightly vary from state to state, so make sure you research thoroughly before applying to any such program.

9.) Sell Stuff Online

In light of the crisis we are in, it is a good idea to sell things on the internet. These can be things that are in excess. Selling items of daily use online can be of big help to people in your community, considering that many big retails stores are not even operating in several areas.

Follow social distancing rules and make sure you disinfect everything before sending them away. Let people order online and receive items at home. You can make some important cash, and other people can benefit from the essential items they buy from you.

10.) Donate Your Car and Receive a Tax Deduction

Finally, there is also a great way to get some extra cash on your next year's taxes by donating your car to a charity like Wheels for Wishes. With the help of such non-profit car donation programs, you can receive a 100% tax-deductible receipt, which can help you make some money on next year's taxes.

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