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Our Mission

We help people become the best version of themselves. We believe that people can achieve this through mindset and finance training. Our mission is to be the most result-driven online business school in the United Kingdom. The results of our students are always #1.


We believe that the traditional education system is broken. The current system does not teach people how to get the most out of their lives. We are programmed to live an average life. That is why we have developed a new methodology in which we give people the tools and mindset to become the best version of themselves.

Our Method:

Our proven methodology consists of 4 pillars:

01 Mindset & Identity:

Success starts with the right mindset. To get the right mindset it is necessary to reprogram the brain. A new identity needs to be developed.

02 Business principles:

It's time to lay the foundation for your own business. It's important to develop 'T-shaped' skills. This means that you understand all the building blocks of investing and at the same time become specialized in one of these building blocks.

03 Massive Action:

Having the right knowledge does not necessarily lead to success. To achieve success, you have to take 'massive action'. Now you are going to implement the knowledge you have gained and it is time to start achieving results. It is key to analyze your results and adjust your actions to achieve the best possible results in your life.

04 Exponential Growth:

The last step is to systematize, automate and scale your business. If you take these steps you will experience exponential growth in your business, through which you will achieve ultimate freedom.

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"The Crisis Blueprint" is a true eye-opener. Everything you need to know to achieve financial freedom is explained inside.


Oliver James has given me a way to escape the 9-5.



Oliver James has given me the right skills and mindset to start my own successful business. My business has already generated more than 100K in revenue since I started.


Oliver James has given me a blueprint for financial independence.


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